Blackberry Curve 8520 Review

A few days ago, I purchased a Blackberry Curve 8520 from a Vodafone store. At the first look, the phone was glamorous and feature-rich; however, after test driving it for a short time, I have to admit that it also has downsides. In this entry I’m going to be covering the ups and downs of this brand new smart phone.

The phone has a black sleek look that makes you fall in love with it from the first glance; however, this isn’t everything amazing about it. I find the phone loaded with features that I’ve never seen in any other mobile phone. For example, you can associate your contacts with their Facebook profiles. This feature will amaze you if you’re one of those people who can’t live without social networks. Another great feature of the phone is its customizability. You can control almost each and every feature the phone has to offer (save for a few that we’ll discuss later). For example, you can set the alert tone for the Windows live messenger, another one for the ICQ messenger, and so on. The themes are also very customizable. Unlike other mobile phones, the Blackberry gives you the ability to add widgets to the home screen to suit your needs. For example, I like to have my RSS feeds on the Desktop, so I plan to write a Java widget for that (yes, it’s that easy. The Java API is amazing!).

One more feature that I like about this phone, is its App World. This is similar to the App Store in the iPhone and the OVI store in Nokia phones. The App World has a wide selection of free and paid applications. There are applications like the facebook application and the MSN messenger that are not available on any other mobile phone with all these features. Those special applications will bring the whole world into your pocket!

The phone has great media capabilities. Actually I prefer its music player over Nokia’s player. It looks more like the iPod music player, which I like. The phone’s 512MHz processor and 256MB RAM maintains smooth video playback. This allows you to view all your favorite videos at high frame rates.

Nothing comes without cons, and this phone is no exception. Actually there are trio of things that I don’t like about this phone. The first one is that you can’t use a WIFI connection without that data service turned on. This means that even if you won’t use the EDGE or GPRS connection, Vodafone will still charge you because you have the data service enabled. Another feature that I don’t like is that a lot of applications don’t work over WIFI. This accumulates unnecessary bandwidth usage on your bill; however, you can still find alternatives to these applications that work well over WIFI. The last thing I hate about this device is tat RIM, that company that makes it, doesn’t offer a Desktop manager for Linux. They only offer it for Windows and Mac. It’s quite an awful thing, yet I’ll have to get a long with it.

In a conclusion, the Blackberry Curve is a great PDA with Push email capabilities that will allow you to about everything with the push of a button.


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